Why Adoption Numbers Matter

When a horse lover adopts a horse from a rescue, it frees up the rescue to take more horses from owner relinquishments, before they end up at auction. Through adoptions, we can help these horses before they end up in horrible situations because we will have the space to do so.

Pilot Programs: Building Blocks to Success

Pilot programs allow us to implement new strategies and quantifiably gauge the success of the program before making a larger investment. By being mindful with our grant making, we are ultimately ensuring that we help the most horses possible.

Don’t Fear the Returned Horse

Now, I still really want every adopted horse to have his “happily ever after” story. I want them and their adopters to have many adventures together, and I want them to grow old on their adopters’ farms. But I’ve stopped fearing the adoption return.

Retrained and Remarkable

The New Vocations team is constantly trying to brainstorm ways we can adopt out more horses. With the assistance of the WaterShed Animal Fund, we launched a program dubbed the “Retrained & Remarkable Challenge,” designed specifically to help these harder-to-place horses find homes.

Harnessing Data To Help More Horses

First off, understanding data of the problem we’re tackling enables us to advance the entire equine welfare effort. All we know now is that there aren’t currently enough resources to help all the horses that need assistance. We can’t know that improvement is happening if we don’t know where we started.

Quantity vs. Quality

The simple truth is that numbers equals lives and therefore, increasing quantity of lives saved is a critical goal to chase. Every adoption results in another open spot for the next at-risk horse. In addition, it is…

My Right Horse

As you have likely heard by now, The Right Horse Initiative’s main goal is to massively increase horse adoption in the United States. We believe there are many reasons why only an estimated 10,000…