Benjamin + Otis

by | Mar 2019 | Story

Breed American Saddlebred

Age 20

Sex Gelding

Color Chestnut

Height 16.1hh

It’s hard to put the story of how Otis came into my life into words, but I’ll try my best. My family met Otis, Chloe, and Frankie while at an Active Heroes retreat in Shepherdsville, KY. We had never considered horse ownership, but these three captivated us and, we had to know more!

I contacted Jennifer at the American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation (ASLF) to get more information on the three of them. She excitedly invited us out to the farm to talk more. By Labor Day of 2018, the three of them were back at the ASLF farm in Eminence, KY and we went for a visit. We were in love, and we knew it!

Poor Otis had just come off the road. He is blind in his right eye and he was scrawny and covered in bite marks. He was untrusting and scared, but you could just see through his eye that he wanted to be loved. We knew that weekend that we would adopt all three of them.

Otis’ transformation has me amazed every single day. He went from not wanting to be touched, to getting upset and curious when I keep my hands in my pockets. He is gentle with kids, and skilled with adults. Otis is a worker to his core, and eager to please. He has been through a lot and that has had a huge impact on me, and the veterans and families that come out to spend time with him. Everyone who comes out to spend time with him is working through some sort of struggle and they relate to Otis.

I am just in awe with this horse. My life has gone in a positive direction since we adopted this guy. We are incredibly grateful for him and everyone involved in his rescue and re-purpose.

What #RightHorse means to me

#RightHorse to me is, looking beyond the surface conditions of a horse that has been given up on, maybe just because they’re not excelling in a role that they are not suited for, and matching them with a person or organization that suits that horse’s needs. #RightHorse to me is, taking three horses and bringing them into a community where they can positively impact the lives of people who can relate to them, and grow with them. Thank you #RightHorse, American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation, and Morgan Safenet!


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