Bianca + Cinder

by | Jan 2020 | Story

Breed Hanoverian Cross

Age 4

Sex Gelding

Color Smoky Black

Height 15hh

I met Cinder at the MRILC, Gentling Wild Horse Course in 2019. Cinder was the one of the group of four that I felt the most comfortable working with and we seemed to connect really well. He was always super sweet and willing and he was always trying to figure out what you were asking. 

By the end of the first week I had pretty much decided that I wanted to bring this awesome little guy home. Thanks to a wonderful group of instructors, new friends, the rescue and my parents, Cinder came home two weeks later. It would not have been possible without all the amazing people I met and talked to while I was at the farm.  

I look forward to having this lovely horse for the rest of his life and having all sorts of adventures together. I am planning on learning to do liberty work, western dressage, and trail riding with him. He is my perfect match! 

What #RightHorse means to me

The right horse doesn’t always come with a pedigree, famous parents and huge price tag. Many times the right horse comes from a rescue, with uncertain bloodlines, and may have a long road to being healthy and trained. But, in my opinion, the right horse is the horse that changes your mind and your life for the better. Once more, you get to change the life of an amazing horse. Cinder is definitely my Right Horse! 

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