Jessica + Zabarajad

My husband and I imported Zabarajad from Ireland in 2012. He is an extremely well-bred and well-built horse. By age two, he was famous and expectations in Ireland were very high. He raced in Ireland and Dubai. He did not perform as expected, and was deemed…

Brenda + Chase

Driving away from the house that day, I watched in my rearview mirror as he ran the fence line as far as he could go. Standing tall, ears pert, intent on trying to get my attention, hollering for me to come back. If only he could find a voice. I was heart sick as I left him…

Shannon + Beau

Beau was brought in to rescue in mid-July 2016 and came to the rescue barn where I volunteer. There was something “special” about him and we clicked quickly. Prior to rescue, Beau was a herd stallion running with his mares, foals and a few donkeys on 300 acres.

Cynthia + Cherie

My #RightHorse was dropped off on my property so that I could foster her…and I failed. Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society of Texas sent their volunteer Denise (and her husband), to bring me my first foster as a volunteer for Bluebonnet. When they unloaded her, she was…

Emma + Shadoh

When my pony was sold after being deemed “dangerous,” my heart was broken. After buying my old quarter horse, my family stumbled upon Shadoh, a timid, little Arabian. You never would have thought he would end up being mine if you had seen the tears…

Jessica + Sparkles

I grew up asking my parents for a pony every chance I got. I’d ride horses on every vacation we took and almost every toy I owned was a horse or something horse related. When I was 24 and stationed in Virginia to complete my training for the Navy, I took a…

Tifaine + Undigo

I remember every moment of the day I met Undigo six years ago. I was looking for a horse and I decided to adopt one. I drove 400 kilometers to see another horse – and there was Undigo. He followed me everywhere…

Alec + Joker

We had been looking for an older, well-mannered horse for our daughter, Tera.One day this horse popped up on a Facebook page for free. The ad stated that he was abandoned by his owners and would be headed to slaughter Monday morning if not rehomed.

Alexa + Satin’s Angel

Satin is something special. She raced for two years and had 18 starts. After her racing career was over, she was bought by a woman who wanted to flip her in 30 days and sell her. Unfortunately she couldn’t sell her…

Kelly + Soldier

I didn’t have the room, but something about those eyes just gripped me and wouldn’t let go. Next thing I knew I had paid for him and was driving my truck and trailer on a ten-hour roundtrip to bring him home.

Annika + Splash

The day I arrived, I walked out to see him. After quietly following him around a few minutes, he walked up and sniffed my hand. Everyone was amazed.

Alina + X-Man

My mission is to rescue neglected, abused, and abandoned miniature horses, while educating as many people as I can that miniature horses are a lot more than pets.