Daisia + Calypso

by | Oct 2020 | Story

Breed American Quarter Horse/Arabian Cross

Age 8

Sex Gelding

Color Sorrel

Height 14hh

I have been an equestrian since I can remember. After becoming a riding instructor, I decided to get a project horse from a bad situation to give them a second chance at life. My first project was a gorgeous buckskin mare who totally changed my perspective of horses. When I first got her, you could tell she was mistreated and did not trust humans. During her first month together I made sure to feed her each day myself, spend extra time grooming her and gave her lots of tender loving care. With all the attention, her personality came out. She became spunky, and very vocal. Once my job was done, I found her forever home and she is now a happy trail horse with a 15 acre field all to herself.

Since taking that journey, I wanted to do it again. One day I can across the Humane Society of North Texas’ website and locked eyes on a stunning horse named Flame, who I later renamed Calypso. I sent in my application right away and was on my way there the next day, driving five hours to see him. I had a great time getting to know him and the team who had been caring for him and decided he was the one.

It has taken a lot of work for Calypso and I to get to where we are at. He used to not let anyone on him without bolting off. Now he stands still for everything and we have started jumping! Turns out, he is a one-person horse, he won’t let anyone else on him but me. Because of that, I have decided to keep him as my forever horse!

Thanks to the Humane Society of North Texas and their lovely staff, I have found my forever best friend!

What #RightHorse means to me

I never knew how expansive the ASPCA’s equine welfare initiatives were, until I came across the Right Horse webpage. The Right Horse is dedicated to finding horses their forever homes, and it shows. Thanks to them, I have found my forever #1 horse. Also, who knew I’d fall in love with ponies until I adopted Calypso!

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