Denise + Kyff

by | Dec 2018 | Story

Breed Quarter Horse/Curly cross

Age 7

Sex Gelding

Color Sorrel

Height 15.3hh

Kelly of Omega Horse Rescue posted five horses on Facebook from New Holland that she thought would be good rehab projects, but she could not take. I saw Kyff and felt an immediate pull at my heart. I didn’t need another horse but hours later he was the only one left, so I contacted Kelly. After a month in quarantine, I had him shipped to Texas.

After giving him several months to gain weight and health, I started ground work with him. In time I introduced the saddle as if he had never been saddled, but it soon became obvious he had, and eventually it became evident that it hadn’t been pleasant for him – he had some pretty severe issues.

I took him to my dressage trainer for help but it became apparent that he needed additional help so we contacted Erika and asked her to help me. It was the beginning of a fairy tale story. Under Erika’s guidance and training, Kyff and I overcame his fears and began to show in dressage.

After our first full year of training, and we qualified for our regional championship, and from there qualified for the USDF Nationals in 2016. We are now training at 2nd level and have qualified each year for our regionals and have the goal of returning to nationals. We have also had a lot of fun doing western trail classes in our dressage gear and exploring trails.

Kyff is my partner, my friend, my heart horse. We are on a journey to inspire others to adopt and to pursue your dreams, no matter your age.

What #RightHorse means to me

Finding that horse that needs you and that you can build a lifetime relationship with.


  1. Cheryl

    What did your trainer do to get him over his fear of being saddled? Where in Texas are you? One of my horses has that issue.

    • Denise Waszak

      Kyff didn’t have a fear of being saddle, his fear came when he was asked to do something under saddle- he would panic and explode.
      But, I have another guy with saddling issue, and we have managed to overcome with a lot of patience and stress relief. We started by just letting him sniff the saddle without ever putting it on him- multiple times a day, with lots of praise and rewards. I live near Navasota/ Magnolia. I’d love to help you- if you’re interested reply and we can figure out a way to speak


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