Elizabeth + Laney

by | Oct 2017 | Story

Breed Thoroughbred

Age Six

Sex Mare

Color Chestnut

Height 16.2hh

Streamliner, aka, Laney is a six-year-old thoroughbred mare I adopted in April. When I started looking for a project horse for myself, a red-headed, OTTB mare would have been at the bottom of my list when it came to what I was looking for. I am so glad I went and took a look at the skinny, big-bodied, red-headed mare who had been recently retired from the track in November. She has turned out to be one of the sweetest, smartest, and most levelheaded horses I have had the pleasure of owning. If she didn’t have a lip tattoo I would have a hard time believing she was off the track.

I was able to do a lot of research on Laney, and discovered she was born in Louisiana. She started her race career in California, then went back to Louisiana, then West Virginia before retiring in November of 2017. Her breeder/trainer was kind enough to respond to my email inquiring about her and said her sire, “Lonestar Speacial,” produced very levelheaded, bright, and intelligent race horses known for being very successful in their post-racing careers. He also noted she had won a couple of high purse races early in her career and won almost 90k throughout his career. My main focus with Laney is for her to gain muscle and weight while having fun.

I was lucky enough to find a small, family-run farm just ten minutes away from where I live to board and spoil her everyday. We go for hacks almost daily, and she seems to really enjoy riding out in the big, open fields. We have just started popping over small jumps and going on trail rides as well. She is even sweet enough to let me ride her around the farm bareback. I just cannot express how lucky I am to have found such a special equine partner!

What #RightHorse means to me
If you couldn’t tell from my previous two entries, Laney is a very special horse! In such a short amount of time she has exceeded every expectation I had for her. She is such a sweet-natured mare, but I can tell she is so happy and thankful for her post-racehorse lifestyle. She has not only brought myself enjoyment in horse ownership again, but also my fiancée who has been very anti-horse in the past. He is now her designated treat feeder and has gotten quite good at leading her around as well. We love her very much and she has a forever home with us!


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