Marie + J.R. Ewing

by | Jan 2018 | Story

Breed Appaloosa

Age 11

Sex Gelding

Color Brown

Height 15.2hh

I went and visited the kill pen site after much prayer and wanting of that childhood dream. I saw J.R. and he kept coming up despite the number of horses on the site. I was afraid to take the plunge, but couldn’t bear the thought of him going to slaughter, so I purchased him without even seeing him. We brought him home to Garland on June 3, 2017. He was pretty much healthy, but thin and showed signs of abuse. His tail had been shredded from being hit. He is sensitive behind his ears and we gathered that he was a buggy horse because of his build and sensitivity on his back legs. He spooked easily, as well. After a week of quarantine at the stable, the bond between us became strong. He nickers, but is not able to neigh or whinny. He is so smart and falls into routine quickly. He was afraid of everyone who came into his stall, especially men, but has quickly learned to be loved on by others at the stables. He knows how to unlock the gates, so I have to lock them. He will blow kisses for treats. J.R. is a good horse and is loved by my students (and spoiled by them as well).

I can’t imagine what his first 11 years were like, but I definitely know what his next 11 years will be like. Looking back, I’m not sure why it took 48 years to bring my dream of owning a horse to fruition. Money? Time? I’m not sure why I was afraid. He will always be my special horse, no matter how many I rescue, because he is my first – my spoiled child.

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  1. Stan

    Kudos Girl. Beaitiful Horse and my pers0onal favorite breed. Most zive owned gor use in yhe backwoods and high mountsin trails dont have a “quit switch”.


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