Olivia + Storm

by | Aug 2017 | Story

In the summer of 2014, I adopted my heart horse Storm from a retirement foundation in NJ. Storm is a retired racehorse who has changed my life for the better. When I adopted him, I was suffering from really bad anxiety and my family was going through a hard time. I need something to help me. I feel like we found each other at the right time. I needed him and he needed me. The adoption agency got in touch with me after I filled out an application online. They sent me five pictures of horses that were up for adoption. Storm’s was the last picture. He was 15 at the time, and had just gotten there.

I wasn’t sure I wanted an older horse, but he his eyes told a story. My mom picked him out when we got there. She said, “I don’t know horses, but this guy looks great.” We picked him and he was trailed to the barn. The first year was a struggle. He was rusty and stiff when he trotted. He had an attitude with everything. He would buck, run off, etc., but he made everything better.

A few barns later, Storm is one happy horse. He is always the first one at the gate when he sees my car. He licks me constantly, but never bites my mom or me. I trust him and he trusts me. He is one of my best friends, and truly a loved horse and a member of the family. I’m glad he is the right horse for me. I don’t show him, but he is a giant pet who has cured any worry I have. I am for ever grateful for him.

This is what “right horse” means to me.
To me, the term “right horse” means having the right feeling and loving the right horse at the right time in your life.


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