Poetry + Oma

by | Nov 2020 | Story

Breed Percheron Cross and American Paint Horse

Age 20+ and 14

Sex Mare and Gelding

Color Grey and Pinto

Height n/a

I adopted my first horse from Harmony Equine in May, 2019. Poetry and his fifty herd mates were part of a large seizure earlier that year. When I first adopted him, he was very nervous, but over the past year and a half has blossomed into my best and most trusted friend. It’s been amazing to watch his transformation and as learned to trust me and enjoy being pampered. 

I’ve watched all of the horses from his previous herd get adopted, with the exception of one older mare. Seeing how Poetry has changed made my heart ache for her because I wanted that for her as well.  

My family and I decided that she needed to come home!  

After 602 days at the shelter and over 20 years of being a “work horse” she is home. After being home with us for three and a half weeks she is settling in very nicely and learning what love is all about. She has picked my husband as “her person” and he is more than happy to protect and love her. She has no job other than learning to be loved and relax. We love our horses and cannot imagine life without them we hope that we have changed their lives in the same amazing way they’ve changed ours! 

What #RightHorse means to me

#RightHorse means opportunities to both equine and human to change in way they never knew were needed or even possible. 

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