Tami + Astro

by | Nov 2018 | Story

Breed Arabian

Age Yearling

Sex Gelding

Color Bay

Height 13hh

I have always believed in adopting…rather than purchasing pets or horses. Several months ago I learned of a wonderful rescue group called Love This Horse Equine Rescue, Inc. I followed them on Facebook and read many wonderful and inspiring stories about the horses, mostly Arabians, that they rescued from various situations. Vera Kalila, the Executive Director of the organization, always seemed to handle these rescues with such knowledge and grace. She never belittled people, she never ranted about the rescues…she always took the horses in knowing that if she didn’t step in, no one would.

In December, Vera mentioned a yearling gelding was available for adoption. His name was Astro. He was a beautiful bay, with huge, gorgeous eyes and he captured my heart from the moment I saw his photo. Vera and I corresponded for a couple of weeks about Astro. I was going over the pros and cons of adopting a “baby” because raising a young horse can be challenging! Finally, I piled my mom and my best friend into my truck, and we drove the 2 1/2 hours to meet Astro in person. It was love at first sight! He was so kind and gentle, and I just knew that he needed to be with me. He will be mine forever. Vera does a beautiful job with the rescues! The horses are loved, well cared for, happy and healthy. When possible, the horses are trained, or retrained, to become suitable riding partners.

I will forever be grateful to Vera and Love This Horse Equine Rescue for giving me the opportunity to adopt Astro. It’s a dream come true and I hope that everyone experiences the joy that comes from adopting a horse.

What #RightHorse means to me

What does RightHorse mean to me? It means finding a horse that touches your soul. It means adopting rather than purchasing. It means people, within the equine community, working together; networking, educating, sharing, helping and supporting. It means doing everything within our power to place as many horses as possible into loving, forever homes.


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