Tara + Gizmo

by | Jul 2018 | Story

Breed Hafflinger/Paint

Age 6

Sex Gelding

Color Sorrel Paint

Height 14.3hh

I was always a horse crazy kid. We never had money for horses or even lessons, but I still surrounded myself with Breyer models and dreamed of the day I would have a horse of my own. But then came college and marriage, a few years of riding lessons only made me certain I wanted horses in my life. Then came kids and with the help of a good friend, and farm owner a tiny grey pony to get my daughter hooked on horses.

Fast forward and I was a 50-year-old Breast Cancer survivor and horse show mom. Cancer and turning 50 shook me into a now or never moment. My daughter was 16 and riding at least three times a week always asking me when I was going to get my own horse, so I could trail ride with her and it hit me… now was the time! So, I started the search. The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted a Rescue horse. Also, being a “tad older,” a safe and sweet mount. Living in Maryland my first stop was Days End Rescue. I found a beautiful mare that ticked all the boxes, but another cancer scare forced me to pass on her. When I was cleared and ready to start looking again Days End did not have any horses that would have been a good fit for me, so I decided to back off until the spring and start looking again. And of course, as we all know that is when things fall right in your lap!

While casually looking through Facebook one evening, I saw GIZMO. Instantly, I knew he was my horse. Not only that but he was at a horse rescue located in the town I live in! I messaged Denise at GAIT, filled out the paperwork, and excitedly set up a time to meet and ride him. Jamie the trainer took my daughter and I on a trail ride and I was in heaven. My daughter looked back at my smiling face and told me, “he is the horse for you mom”. After that I waited to get approved and bring my baby home. The barn has always been a special place but even more so now with Gizmo’s sweet “hi Mom” nickers.

Never give up on your dreams. If you want something bad enough make it happen. Life is too short not to rescue a horse. Thanks to all the Rescue organizations that give their time so selflessly. They changed Gizmos life and mine. Happy Trails!

What #RightHorse means to me

It means that there is a rescue horse out there to fit anyone’s riding desire. That Heart and Soul don’t have a dollar sign attached to them. Rescue horses just seem to know that they have landed in a safe place and whenever my Gizmo puts his head in my arms and gives a horsey sigh I know he is as happy as he makes me. Rescue is a win-win situation for both the horse and the rider. They are not concealing anything about the horse in order to make a buck. The time and energy they put into the matches I think makes for a more compatible, safe and honest partnership. They truly love these horses and want the best for them.


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