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Good People For Good Horses

The Right Horse Initiative was formed in 2016 with the lofty goal of improving equine welfare through one powerful avenue: increasing adoption. This singular goal unites diverse stakeholders on one common issue, setting aside differences to do what’s best for horses. Matching the right horse with the right person creates safe, long-term placements and enables improvements across the broader spectrum of all equine welfare issues.

Initially supported by the Arnall Family Foundation and its WaterShed Animal Fund, The Right Horse Initiative awarded grants to support pilot programs and innovative ideas that resulted in more horses finding homes. The pilot programs and funding efforts were supported by a nationwide campaign that shed new light on horse adoption, promoting it to a wider audience in the horse community.

During this time, The Right Horse Initiative surpassed strategic goals and experienced tremendous growth and success. Adoption partners marked 21+% increases in adoption year over year, the adoptable horse web app My Right Horse was launched and celebrated over 1 million visitors in less than a year, and over 60 partners signed on to support the movement. Thanks to the Arnall Family Foundation’s strength in creating and launching pilot programs, The Right Horse Initiative completed its incubation phase at the end of 2019 and was ready to find its permanent home.

The partner who had worked most closely with The Right Horse since inception was the ASPCA and its equine welfare department. With a shared vision for improving the welfare of all equines, it was a natural fit for The Right Horse’s adoption movement to continue gaining momentum under the umbrella of the ASPCA. With programs such as the Help a Horse Home Challenge, in which participating adoption agencies saw a 56% increase in adoptions, Rescuing Racers grantmaking, and regional support center pilot programs, the ASPCA’s work in rehoming and adoption align perfectly with The Right Horse’s mission.

 As a program of the ASPCA, The Right Horse Initiative is continuing to build pilot programs, unite stakeholders and work towards the goal of massively increasing horse adoptions.

Learn more about the ASPCA’s current equine welfare programs.

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1To support horses in transition by reframing the conversation around equine adoption.

2To spotlight successful matches across the country and tell those stories.

3To grow a community of knowledgeable, pragmatic advocates and storytellers who speak out on behalf of The Right Horse and equine adoption.

4To create a national partner network of equine professionals that create unity for the horse industry.

5To foster a more compassionate, pragmatic support system for those doing right by people and by horses.

6To increase equine adoption numbers nationwide.

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