Kyle + Hershey + Andre

by | Feb 2018 | Story

Breed Thoroughbred

Age 7 & 20

Sex Gelding

Color Black & Chestnut

Height 15.9hh & 16.2hh

I retired out of Portland, Oregon and moved to Oregon City in August of 2016. Little did I know my life would change! I found five equestrian barns within eight miles of my new home. In May of 2017, I began riding lessons after a 50-year pause. Along the way, I learn about the critical numbers of horse slaughter and began exploring horse rescue groups in the US.

I knew in my heart a rescue horse was for me. I saw a photo of a cute, young, black horse in southern Oregon. We drove 350 miles to see him. Upon arrival, Connie Willard from Project Spirit Horse Rescue said, “You should meet Hershey’s friend Andre.” They are now boarded two miles from my home at Holcomb Equestrian Center. The mature Andre can be entrusted to my grandkids to ride safely, and “green” Hershey is my new project horse.

What #RightHorse means to me

People and pets are brought to us in mysterious ways. (I say they come from Heaven.) When I think of all the dogs and cats I’ve rescued over the last 50 years, I acknowledge that I have received love and gratitude from them that has warmed my heart. However, that said, nothing has prepared me for the exhilaration of rescuing two horses. I have built their weight, earned their trust and look forward to building their skills. My two right horses offer different skill sets that meet my family’s different needs. 2,400 pounds of gratitude! I wish every American family could experience this in their lifetime.


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