Paula + Sparrow

by | Sep 2017 | Story

Breed Quarter Horse Mix

Age Two

Sex Mare

Color Bay

Height 13hh

My story begins when I moved to the US in 2014 coming from Brazil, my birth country. My husband was transferred and I had the opportunity to start anything that I wanted to do. I decided to do volunteer work and found Save the Horses (Horse Rescue Relief and Retirement). I knew nothing about horses back then, only that I loved them! I’d had some riding lessons in Brazil, but I didn’t know anything about horse care and ownership. I didn’t have any intention to own a horse either. (Well, I had always wanted a horse, but it was a kid’s dream that I never thought could become reality.)

In December 2016, two very young horses came to the rescue. They were found by animal control roaming on a road, surviving the best they could. They searched for the owners, but no one claimed them, so they stayed at the rescue. We named the fillies Robin and Sparrow, two little birds. I fell in love with Sparrow the moment I saw her, she’s too cute! At first, they were very afraid of people, but slowly we helped them understand that we are friendly and they started to accept us.

The rescue helps find new, loving homes for the horses, and every time I thought that Sparrow was soon to leave, my heart would break. I didn’t want her to leave, ever.

One day, after talking to my husband about how the horses were important to me, we decided to adopt. I was so happy! But then I got confused. Was Sparrow the right horse for me? She’s so young, and she had never been even haltered. I wanted a horse that I could ride, so I decided to choose another horse, also from the rescue. I thought that would be a better option, but at night in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about Sparrow – she was the one I really loved! While I was still debating between the two horses, I went to see Sparrow. She was lying down sunbathing. I approached her, that fearful horse, and she didn’t move. I got down to pet her and she let me. I was so excited that she trusted me! At that moment, I knew she had to be the one. A week later, I adopted her.

It has only been about a month and a half and we have come so far together. She halters very easily now and we have been learning natural horsemanship together. She’s such a fast learner! Every day we learn something and I know we’re going to go far. We’re perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to have fun with my girl. Our journey is just beginning.

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  1. Cindy

    It is amazing watching how she relates to you!


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